• July 25, 2024
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Liquid Chemical Stripping

There are several reasons you may need to remove powder coating or paint. The main reasons are usually if you make a mistake during the coating process, want to restore an item that was previously powder coated or remove coating build-up from hooks, racks, hangers or rejected parts. There are several techniques used in the industry to remove old paint and coating including mechanical blasting or burning off. Ameriblasts prefers to use a chemical powder coating stripper, which is fast, safe and highly effective to remove even several layers of old coating. Plus, your item will not be susceptible to pitting or warping, which is common when using mechanical blasting or burning to remove powder coating. If you have an item you’d like restored, but you need to remove layers of worn out paint or powder coating, call Ameriblasts today at call 215-946-3762.

Advantages of Using Powder Coating Chemical Stripper

A chemical powder coating stripper is an excellent choice to remove powder coating from any material surface, especially if there are many layers of old coating and paint. 

Configuration and Customization

Quality Control System

Accurate Testing Processes

Chemical Strippers to Remove Cured Powder Coating

Preparation is key when it comes to stripping off powder coating or paint. Powder coating is a great option to protect metal from rust and other harsh environmental elements. The process is also commonly used to restore household appliances, aluminum extrusions, drum hardware, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle parts and much more. However, if you do not employ proper methods of stripping and removing old powder coating it can cause damage to your paint job. Old protection must be removed before new paint or powder coating can be applied. The operators at Ameriblasts have many years of experience in every facet of powder coating including new application and removal.

Alternative Methods to Remove Powder Coating & Paint

Paint and powder coating can also be removed by sandblasting or a burn off oven. These methods are also highly effective, safe for the environment and have low disposal fees.

Sandblasting: There’s no environmental impact associated with sandblasting powder coating removal. Further, it includes two steps in one: stripping away old coating or paint plus cleaning/preparation for a new coat.

Burn Off Oven: Burn off ovens are one of the fastest ways to remove powder coating from parts, hooks, hangers and more. Ovens are commonly used for large pieces and on most materials.

Using chemical stripping, sandblasting or a burn off oven, we can expertly strip away previous paint and powder coating jobs. If you want to restore the item, Ameriblasts offers in-house powder coating using the highest-grade powders from the best manufacturers in the industry. We offer powder in almost any color, gloss, texture or client specification. For more information, to discuss your powder coating removal project or to see past work we’ve done, call 215-946-3762 or send us an email.