Commercial & Residential Sandblasting Company Bucks County, PA

Ameriblasts is a family-owned and operated sandblasting company based in Tullytown, Bucks County, PA. We specialize in dustless, eco-friendly sandblasting services for commercial and industrial clients, as well as residential customers. Whether you want to restore an outdoor patio set, antique car frame or large piece of machinery, we are equipped with the tools and experience to deliver great results for even the most challenging projects. Our state-of-the-art, oversized sandblast booth can accommodate very large and irregular shaped items. Backed by 25+ years of combined experience, the certified blasters and coaters of Ameriblasts offers a wide range of capabilities in powder coating, sandblasting, rust removal and more. Request a quote online or call 215-946-3762 to discuss your project.


Joe Wagner - President

In-House & Mobile Powder Coating & Sandblasting Company

Our Bucks County, PA facility operates as a one-stop for sandblasting, powder coating and baking services. When needed, Ameriblasts offers on-location brick/stone/stucco restoration, metal resurface restoration and etching throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We can coat almost any metal material and shape in our facility or at your location. The most common materials we work with include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, steel and bronze. Each sandblasting process starts with masking the parts prior to coating. We use plugs, high temperature resistant tapes and special fasteners to ensure a flawless end product. Throughout our years in business, we’ve developed relationships with the best powder manufacturers in the industry. This allows us to provide high quality powder in almost any color, gloss, texture or specification.

Dustless Blasting & Powder Coating Services

Each member of our professional staff will work with our customers to ensure we meet your high standards and execute your project perfectly. Even if you’re not sure of the best color and finish, we’ll help you make the best decision based on the item’s material, purpose, wear & tear and other factors. Ameriblasts offers a wide range of services for commercial, industrial and residential clients. Below is a list of what we currently provide, but if you do not see what you’re looking for on this list give us a call, we may be able to help!

       Powder Coatings

       Facade Cleaning

      Building Cleaning

       Industrial Parts Cleaning

      Paint Removal

       Rust Removal

       Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

       Painting & Specialty Coatings

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Expert Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting and powder coating services always begin with an extensive consultation to ensure we fully understand the part (size, material) and the best way to deliver the high-quality results you expect. All relevant order details are effectively communicated with our clients throughout the entire process. Pictures are available upon request. Regardless of the size of the item, size of the order or specifications you need fulfilled, Ameriblasts will expertly produce first-rate coated or cleaned parts.

Items that are sandblasted or powder coated at our Bucks County, PA facility can be packaged and shipped directly to your warehouse, residential or business property. Our trucks serve Bucks County, PA, the greater Philadelphia area and New Jersey. Ameriblasts’ drivers will pick-up your part and deliver it back to you before your deadline. Call our office to ensure we can provide pickup and delivery services to your location.

Ameriblasts is OSHA Certified, fully insured, a registered PennDot ECMS Contractor, registered PA home improvement contractor and hires only certified blasters & coaters to guarantee the best service. For questions or information regarding your project, request a quote online or call 215-946-3762.