Burn Off Oven for Powder Coatings

Burn off ovens, also referred to as heat cleaning ovens, are specially designed for the powder coating industry to remove combustible materials from items. Removal of the material is possible by heating the substrate to a preset temperature in an enclosed environment starved of oxygen. The lack of oxygen and the presence of heat reduced the combustible material to a fine, light ash and fumes. Ameriblasts houses a state-of-the-art burn off oven in our Bucks County, PA facility for in house powder coating projects. Our heat cleaning ovens boast ultramodern technology and high-end process controls to ensure a high-grade finish of your metal item. Contact Ameriblasts today by phone 215-946-3762 or email to discuss your powder coating finish project.


Why Use a Burn Off Oven to Remove Powder Coatings?

The most popular method for powder coating is done through an electrostatic coating process. The powder is charged negatively when it comes out of the application sprayer, while the part being coated is charged positively, ensuring a good bond and reducing the amount of powder required. Paint and powder coating buildup will eventually reduce the electrical contact resulting in improper coating or wasted material. A burn off oven uses heat cleaning technology to efficiently remove baked-on paint from the metal item, as well as racks, hooks, fixtures and parts.

Previously, hooks and hangers were cleaned with chemicals using acid or chemical solvents. As laws were introduced promoting environmental health, proper hazardous waste disposal and workplace safety, burn off ovens started to increase in popularity. A burn off powder coating oven ensures a safe, fast and efficient working environment for operators, while keeping hooks and racks in pristine condition.

Benefits of Powder Coating Heat Cleaning Ovens

There are endless benefits to using a burn off oven for powder coating projects. Not only do they provide a safe working environment but allow powder coating jobs to be cleaned efficiently and in a timely manner, thus increasing profitability. However, the biggest benefit is for the ecosystem. Cleaning ovens eliminate the need to use dangerous toxic chemicals, as well as the cost and environmental risks of their disposal. The process is easy, safe and pollution free. Running between 700 – 800 degrees, excess coatings and buildup are vaporized into smoke. The smoke and emissions are drawn through a powerful afterburning, reaching temperatures around 1400 degrees, which incinerates the smoke. The result is an invisible, odorless and harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide that leaves through an exhaust stack.


Powder Coating Heat Cleaning Oven Features

The advanced, state-of-the-art powder coating burn off ovens in our Bucks County, PA facility boast many features in safety, precision and temperature control.

Fully Automatic: Our oven is fully automated, featuring self-adjusting temperature controls, which shortens drying time and maximizes efficiency.

Efficient Heat Distribution: The central heat distribution system in our burn off oven ensures an even temperature. Precise temperature controls eliminate cold spots and prevent distortion of the part.

Saves Time, Money & Materials: Burn off ovens reduce paint usage, improves the quality of powder coating projects and efficiently cleans hooks and hangers.

Burn off ovens are used in the powder coating process to remove paint, powder, epoxies, lacquers and other organic or inorganic compounds from parts made of metal, plastics, composites, carbon fiber and MDF (medium density fiberboard). When it comes to fabrication and restoration, powder coating finishes are the industry standard to achieve a flawless, high gloss finish that will withstand weather elements and wear and tear for many years. For more information, to discuss your powder coating project or to see past work we’ve done, call 215-946-3762, send us an email.