Mobile Dustless Concrete Etching

If you’re looking to etch concrete for decorative or restorative purposes Ameriblasts offers expert mobile sandblasting services. Sandblasting concrete is a quick and highly effective way to clean & remove dirt, grime, paint or graffiti. For decorative purposes, etching can also be used to add texture or, using stencils, we can etch a company logo, text or brand name into the concrete. Ameriblasts has over 25 years of combined industry experience providing dustless concrete etching for industrial and commercial properties throughout Bucks County, PA and the tri-state areas of New Jersey and Delaware. You can request a quote online (please provide as much detail as possible) or call our Tullytown, PA office at 215-946-3762 to discuss your project.

What is Sandblasted Etched Concrete?

Sandblasting concrete is a technique using abrasive material to blast concrete away. The abrasive material travels at a high rate of speed to generate friction on the concrete surface. Once complete, you’ll expose the aggregate beneath it for a rough surface finish. The technique is most used to instantly remove dirt, grime, paint or graffiti, but it can also be used to engrave decorative patterns, logos or text into the concrete. The degree of blasting varies depending on the condition of the concrete and the desired end result. Our professional blasters will carefully evaluate the area to ensure the property technique is used without damage.

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Dustless Concrete Etching for Residential & Commercial Properties

The restoration of concrete to its original condition requires a heavy blast of abrasive materials to remove build up and a whip blast to expose aggregate concrete finishes. Dustless concrete etching can be used in a variety of settings to refurbish concrete surfaces.

  • Concrete patio walls, columns & driveways
  • Remove unwanted coatings (paint, dirt, oil, chemicals)
  • Distinctive decorative patterning
  • Relayering new concrete
  • Texture concrete finishes

Benefits of Sandblasted Concrete Etching

There are many benefits to selecting sandblasted concrete etching over traditional concrete restoration procedures. First, this method ensures an even concrete finish and a consistent cement-to-stone ratio. It is an affordable and time-efficient solution, especially compared to the cost involved with ripping up the old concrete, disposal then adding a new layer. Our portable sandblasting machine uses compressed air to project the abrasive material at the concrete, which ensures we avoid irreparable damage to the surface and surrounding areas. Trust Ameriblasts to restore your concrete surface effectively and economically to its original condition with minimal preparation.

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Procedure of Sandblasting Concrete

  1. Prepare the surrounding area by removing items that could be damaged, cover surfaces, windows, etc.
  2. For decorative purposes, stencils are installed to achieve certain textures or engravings.
  3. Sandblasting concrete starts from the top to the bottom to achieve even coverage.
  4. Clean the surface with compressed air after the job is finished.
  5. We collect all the sand in a wheelbarrow and haul it away to recycle and reuse.

At Ameriblasts, we use industry-leading technology that is not only dustless & eco-friendly but delivers the precision necessary when restoring or adding decorative texture to concrete. Unlike grit or traditional sandblasting, we use a non-toxic, emission-free specialty cleaning service that is safe for customers, the environment and a range of materials. Ameriblasts is OSHA Certified, fully insured and hires only certified blasters and coaters. For questions, to discuss your project specifications or more information, call 215-946-3762 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.