Metal Sandblasting Surface Restoration

Sandblasting is an industry standard when it comes to cleaning metal surfaces. When metal is exposed to harsh weather conditions paint will flake away and rust will form on painted surfaces. If you’re looking to restore your metal items back to their original state, the cleaning process is the most important step. Metal sandblasting will remove dirt, rust, paint, grease, oil, corrosion and surface oxidation, leaving you with a clean surface for new sealants, paints and powder coats to bind to. Ameriblasts has over 25 years of combined industry experience providing mobile metal sandblasting services throughout Bucks County, PA and the tri-state area. You can request a quote online or call our Tullytown, PA office at 215-946-3762 to discuss your project.

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Mobile Dustless Metal Sandblasting Services

Ameriblasts uses industry-leading tools and equipment to deliver a quality end product that exceeds your high expectations. We offer the best in eco-friendly, highly efficient metal sandblasting and surface restoration. Our team has the right solution for any metal item and resurface project. We proudly use dustless metal sandblasting technology, which is safe for our employees, your item and the environment. Unlike grit or traditional blasting, we provide a non-toxic, emission-free specialty metal surface cleaning service that is safe for our customers’ environment and the product. Our blasters use the most advanced and safest processes to remove and clean metal surfaces without damaging the ecosystem by eliminating harmful airborne pollutants.

Removing Rust & Paint from Metal Surfaces

You may be surprised to realize how many different painted metal surfaces you have on your residential or business property. While vehicles, construction machinery and farm equipment are the most common, roofs, exterior walls, decorative outdoor items, steel tanks, coated radiators and more are all made of metal. We can sandblast a wide variety of items for homeowners, businesses and industrial properties including rails, pipes, fireplaces, cars, machinery and much more. Ameriblasts can sandblast almost all metals including aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel and wrought iron. Every metal sandblasting service begins with a full in-depth consultation to ensure we understand the part and the best way to deliver the results you expect. All relevant order details are effectively communicated with our clients throughout the entire process. Pictures are available upon request.

Metal Sandblasting Efficiency & Environmental Impact

Sandblasting services are a cost-efficient way to refurbish any metal item. From a wrought item gate at the front of your property to an old car or large piece of construction equipment, metal sandblasting provides two key price-related and productivity advantages:

-       Completes multiple pre-treatment steps at once. Sand has the ability to break through many contaminants including paint, rust and dirt without multiple treatments. It also prepares the surface for future painting or powder coating.

-       Sandblasting media is inexpensive. Even if you need a specific grit for your project, it is easily available and cost effective. We’re able to get sand in many different sizes and levels of hardness to create different grit levels, same as sandpaper.

Hire Ameriblasts for your metal surface restoration service to ensure quality and eco-friendly business practices. After cleaning, we recommend protecting the product with a powder coating, which we can offer at our facility in Tullytown, PA. There are many different ways to restore metal, but sandblasting is the best option when it comes to time, cost and environmentally conscious.

In addition to metal restoration, Ameriblasts also offers on-location brick/stone/stucco restoration and etching services throughout the tri-state area. We are OSHA Certified, fully insured and hire only certified blasters and coaters. For questions, to discuss your project specifications or more information, call 215-946-3762 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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