Brick, Stone & Stucco Sandblasting Restoration

Brick, stone and stucco sandblasting restoration safely removes layers of paint and dirt from these delicate surfaces. When executed by our professional team of blasters, we’ll remove years of grime from interior or exterior stone or brickwork to restore your property back to its original glory. Ameriblasts is a family-owned and operated mobile sandblasting, powder coating and specialty cleaning company serving residential, commercial and industrial clients in Bucks County, PA and the tri-state areas. Backed by 25+ years of professional industry experience, we have the knowledge and hands-on experience to provide the highest quality sandblasting services for even the most difficult and intricate stone, brick or stucco surface.

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Mobile Sandblasting Restoration Services for Brick, Stone & Stucco

If you’re considering restoring interior or exterior stone or brick but are nervous because you don’t know what to expect underneath, call Ameriblasts! We can come to your property and provide a sample service before you commit to exposing the masonry. Our blasters will carefully sandblast a square meter of the surface so you can get a sneak peek at how your property will look. Our highly experienced team is proficient in many types of restoration services that will safely remove paint, graffiti, dirt and grime. Further, our stone and brick surface restoration is done without any damage to the surrounding property or the environment.

Eco-Friendly, Dust-Free Mobile Stone Sandblasting

At Ameriblasts, we pride ourselves on using industry-leading technology that is not only eco-friendly but delivers the precision necessary when working with old masonry. We offer environmentally safe dust free wet and dry abrasive sandblasting that is safe and highly effective for cleaning stone, brick and stucco surfaces. Unlike grit or traditional sandblasting, we use a non-toxic, emission-free specialty cleaning service that is safe for customers, the environment and a wide range of materials. We utilize the most advanced and safest processes to remove and clean interior and exterior brick and stone surfaces without damaging the environment with harmful airborne contaminants.

Ameriblasts offers in-house sandblasting and powder coating services at our Bucks County, PA facility, as well as on-location brick/stone/stucco restoration, metal surface restoration and etching services throughout the tri-state area. We are OSHA Certified, fully insured and hire only certified blasters and coaters. For questions or more information, call 215-946-3762 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.


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